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Business Training Programs

The training programmes are aimed at the advancement and application of relevant management principles and operational aspects, concerning the SMME in all its facets. Special attention is given to practical aspects and as far as possible, concepts and principles are illustrated with the aid of relevant case studies. The training programmes are directed at the owner/manager as well as personnel. Most training courses are followed up by after-care services (mentoring) at the relevant businesses.

All training programs offered are accredited at the SBAB at the NWU-Business School

Business Training Programs

Business Management

The one-year certificate programme in Business Management is by far the most popular programme offered by the SBAB. This is highlighted by the fact that an increasing number of students register for the course every year.

Consultation, advice and mentoring

The Certificate in Management Consultancy remains popular among students. The Certificate in Small Business Consultancy is also very popular with institutions involved in small and micro-business development and who have identified a need for short but intensive training programmes for existing and prospective small business advisors. This programme is also ideal for the training of LBSC staff and business advisors and trainers in particular.

This programme was adapted and expanded in view of the need for capacity building at institutions and service providers.


In order to meet the growing demand for entrepreneurship training in Southern Africa, the SBAB has refined this entrepreneurship course for new, existing businesses and to encourage self-employment for the youth. On successful com­pletion of the course, the learner will receive a Certificate in Entrepreneurship Skills, issued by the SBAB and endorsed by the North-West University.


The purpose of the course is to make people who want to start their own business aware of the concept entrepreneurship, to assist in establishing an entrepreneurship culture and to encourage the youth to consider self-employment by establishing an own business as a viable career option.


By means of the curriculum it is intended to draw prospective entrepreneurs’ attention to various business opportunities, the factors influencing the establishment and managing of an independent business, the unique problems facing business owners and methods of preventing or solving such problems. Existing theories regarding the management and operation of a business will be addressed, but the emphasis during the presentation will be on the practical application of the theories.


This programme also forms part of the SBAB’s capacity building programme.

Business simulation games transforming education & corporate talent development


Fast-track learning via the immersive experience of running your own virtual company


Used globally, our advanced personalised learning technologies support and enhance the teaching of:

  • Business Ideation
  • Business Start-up
  • Business Scale up

Hundreds of universities, colleges and schools worldwide use our advanced business learning solutions in a variety of innovative ways.

Whether it’s an introductory enterprise session, support for a large entrepreneurship module or as part of an experiential learning MBA activity, our popular advanced business simulations and learning solutions will engage your students and progress their learning, often at a speed that will surprise you

Authentic | Engaging | Versatile
Used successfully in over 40 countries, with thousands of learners around the world, our innovative advanced business learning solutions are proven to help you:
• Improve business and entrepreneurship knowledge.
• Enhance personal and professional competencies.
• Develop the employability skills required in the workplace.
• Enable learners to become more curious and independent.
• Increase learner satisfaction.

Our simulations develop and fast-track commercial and strategic management skills as well as leadership talent. Whether working solo or in teams, the technology engages people in immersive and authentic learning. Moreover, people work wherever they have internet access, saving significant time and money.
Tailored talent development
Whether you require an action learning resource to engage and inspire those new to digital use or need an additional innovative program to support executive development or leadership training, we have something for you.
From multinational banks to entrepreneurial public bodies, people choose our business simulation games and advanced learning solutions for many reasons.
Business simulation games is often the backbone of online business competitions and engaging team-building events. And to help develop commercial skills, foster innovative thinking and develop new ideas, people use the business simulation or incorporate SimVenture Validate.

We also have a wide variety of other short courses available in all business industries

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